Friday, February 18, 2011


This is what many artist and scholars who get lazy with the computer but continue to draw refer to as a MEGA POST!!! It actually spans through one entire sketchbook and the start of a new one plus my super big one. Since I have not posted  in quite a while I thought you, all four of you who read the blog (sara whoever you are, jessica, jay and cait) Well here ya GOOOOOOO!!!!! :) Enjoy this artistic meat (oh and due to the vastness of this post I am taking pictures with my camera at a small quality so..... enjoy it anyway!)

 quick watercolor experiment from a picture I sketched in english class
 I love spiderman


 This is an outline for a picture of superman punching satan
 (if you can look at this photo in black and white it looks waaaaay better)
 yeah I know, it's out of proportion but I really like the feel!!

 mmmmm venom

 this is my new sketchbook Norman!!


  1. Dear Erik and Eden,
    How many Saras do you know? I mean the variety that don't spell their name with a prosthetic 'h'. Who went to your high school. And would know Jessica. And talked to you in the library while she was supposed to be working at the high school. Oh, and went on a double date with both of you.


  2. ....... stupidity...... HEY MY SISTER SPELLS HER NAME WITH AN "H" I believe it is a dignified way to establish that ones name is sarah. It shows class and spunk. Like carrying a hedgehog as a pet.

  3. The prosthetic 'h' comes from a book I was reading, and was making fun of Sara/Sarah in general, saying that a person never knew which way to spell. I did not mean it as that personal of a comment. Where do hedgehogs come into it?

  4. Niiiiice. Love the Satan-smiting.